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For over 25 years (close to 1,000 weddings) I've always felt that couples should enjoy their wedding day and not endure a day long photo shoot. To capture the natural flow of a wedding takes years of experience, a low profile, anticipation of events and quick, precise camerawork.

That's the main reason I've always worked alone - even while running 3 cameras during my ceremonies. I keep a low profile, yet I am everywhere...


Stonepine interview

I listen to any suggestions couples may want for the music, interview style, or editing of their ceremony and reception. I play close attention to minute details, audio, continuity and pacing in all my edits. Raw footage, ceremony only, Highlite Edits or long form documentary style are all available.

Perry House Wedding

On location elopement weddings are my specialty. I am a lifelong resident of Carmel, am intimately familiar with the entire coast, and have covered all the major venues and secluded beaches on the Monterey Peninsula. All my productions benefit from stunning scenics I've captured in my years of documenting throughout my region.

2018 Glen Oaks Wedding

Rehearsal dinners, birthdays and tributes. I often find that rehearsal dinners are FAR more entertaining than most receptions, and are one of the more overlooked video options available. 70th and 80th birthdays are always cherished memories as well...

Tom Gray Tribute Preserve

For prices or a detailed estimate for your event please email or give me a call.

All finished weddings are delivered on DVD or USB Flash Drive within 4 - 6 weeks of the event.

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